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Steelseries contest!

2011-02-24 13:49:19 by Eikill

Enter the competition here!
Click here to enter the steelseries competition to win your own choice of steelseries gaming gear! It's very easy to enter, just follow the link, log in with your facebook account, choose your prize and press continue!

Steelseries contest!

Alien Strike

2009-12-20 16:26:26 by Eikill

Oh yeah! New video! It's been a long time with nothing here, well here is something new!


2008-05-25 12:11:58 by Eikill

Finally i got my normal whistle back! I am just so happy right now! And i am a Town Watch! :D
But my game, The Haunted Manor.. is far from finished D: I must work more with it.
And if you got some spooky music, PM me :D

I got a game up on NewGrounds! Check it out! And i got a game called "The haunteed manor" i'm working on. I'm gonna' get more updates later! The clock is much now. Good bye, see you later!